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Greynmatter Services helps its Global customers remain at the vanguard of their industries with pioneering uses of technology to operate their businesses more competently.

We deliver flexible, custom Information Technology and Business Process outsourcing solutions that improve quality and reduce costs. We explore, develop, identify and adapt new ways to achieve this objective.

Our objective and priorities are substantially distinct from our competition.
Customer Relationship Management solutions help clients achieve higher revenue per customer with lower acquisition costs, and increased customer satisfaction & trustworthiness, thus maximizing customer lifetime value. Operational CRM solutions extend over the functional/operational areas of sales & service management and marketing, while Analytical CRM builds customer intimacy with the help of business intelligence. Achieving profitable and organic growth is never simple. Now-a-days attracting and maintaining profitable customer relationships is more tedious. Rising market dynamics, changing customer demographics and outmoded marketing practices present considerable challenges to establish the loyal customer relationships that are the foundation of growth.
Our team at Greys Matter Services helps organizations to acquire the strategic, analytical and operational capabilities which they need in a quick and cost-effective manner. These abilities enable them achieve high performance by strengthening customer relationships. We offer a comprehensive set of solutions & services based on in-house methods, high-tech tools, well-tested and pre-integrated architectures, processes, skilled CRM system professionals and a worldwide network of resources. Our consulting solutions, well organized services and outsourcing experience facilitate organizations identify the most lucrative customer fragments, design & manage targeted marketing campaigns.
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